Tears of Men

7 mins, HD Video, 2011
A group of men come together to confront their estranged relationship with tears.

TEARS OF MEN follows a diverse group of men who come together to confront the stigma against men’s tears and reconnect with their own. 10-year-old Kenny recently stopped crying because he was afraid of being made fun of at school. Andrew, a former body builder, used physical strength to avoid feeling emotionally weak. But after a debilitating injury, he is forced to re-define his own masculinity. Retired construction worker Rick defends against the accusation that men who cry aren’t real men. TEARS OF MEN challenges audiences to reconsider their own conceptions of what it means to be a man.

Legacy Film Festival on Aging, 2012
River Bend Film Festival, 2012
Lakeshorts International Short Film Festival, 2012
Sierra Canyon Film Festival, 2012

Directed, Produced and Edited by Anna Moot-Levin and Sara Mott
Cinematography by Anna Moot-Levin and Sara Mott
Music by Michael John Mollo

Available soon for purchase or rental through Legacy Film Series.